Andy has been working on production since late 2003 when he teamed up with good friend Genix and Produced under the name 'Oracle'. Below are a list of the tunes or remixes and has produced either as Oracle or on his own.


  • Pulser - Things You Say (Andy Bagguley Remix)
  • Emotional Horizons - Autumn (Andy Bagguley Remix) Conspiracy
  • O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly (Andy Bagguley Mix) Discover Digital
  • Redshift & Van Der Vleuten – Blue Mountain (Andy Bagguley Remix) Instant Music
  • Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Andy Bagguley 2006 Rework) *
  • Andy Bagguley - Anodise [Work In Progress]
  • Andy Bagguley - Sian (Original Mix) Instant Music
  • Mark Thornton - Out Of Silence (Andy Bagguley Remix / Dub) E-TCR
  • B.R.U.N.I. - Silver Dust (Andy Bagguley Remix) Fenology
  • Ozone - Q (Andy Bagguley Remix) Gesture Records


  • Thrillseekers - By Your Side (Andy Bagguley Remix) *
  • Armin Van Buuren - Communication (Andy Bagguley Remix) *
  • U2 - City Of Blinding Lights (Andy Bagguley Club Edit) *
  • Nu Nrg - Freefall (Andy Bagguley Remix) *
  • Vicky Devine - Entravance (Andy Bagguley Remix) Drizzly / Illuminate
  • Ridgewalkers - Find (Andy Bagguley Exclusive Remix) [Unfinished]
  • Factoria v Andy Bagguley - Untitled [Unfinished]


  • Matt Darey - Liberation 2004 (Genix & Andy Bagguley Remix) Darey
  • Mike Koglin & JFK - Relentless (Andy Bagguley Remix) NOYS
  • Ozone - Rock (Oracle's Trance Revolution Remix) Gesture Records
  • Andy Bagguley & Genix pres. Oracle - Aries TRR
  • Andy Bagguley & Genix pres. Oracle - Eclipse [Unfinished]


  • Andy Bagguley & Genix pres. Oracle - The One [Equilibrium Records]

* Not used by the label. Mix kept for exclusive plays from Andy only.


Andy Bagguley has Trance Revolution written all over him and in more ways than one. As resident DJ of the UK's highest profile clubs - 'Passion' - Andy spends his evenings providing the weekend soundtrack to the dedicated followers of Passion and his days helping to promote and organise Passion, regularly bringing in the freshest talent and highest profile artists from the UK and internationally.

Still only at the age of 27, Andy has created his own demand through his relentless determination yet laid back friendly attitude which has caught the attention of the music industry and its fans and taken him as a guest DJ to many of the UK's leading events including The Gallery, Serious, Goodgreef, Slinky and Crasher amongst others.

Andy is also the owner of UK label, Instant Music which provides a platform for Andy's solo productions and other up'n'coming as well as well established artists. Andy has seen good support from many of the top jocks globally for his productions whilst remixes for & collaborations with Matt Darey, Riley & Durrant, Factoria, Mike Koglin, JFK, Airbase and others are paving the way for Andy's development as one of the UK's key dance music contributors. Andy has also produced with World Record holder Genix under the name of "Oracle" which saw their first 2 productions well supported by many DJ's.

Looking to the future it's an exciting time for Andy. Whilst assisting Marc West in what many clubbers across the globe would call 'The Dream Job', Andy's obvious studio talent is beginning to catch the eye of key A&R men, artists and clubbers alike. Alongside meeting demand for his DJ services at many of the UK's other superclubs, 2006 will see Andy take the sound to new global ears as he pushes through to the vast international market!

Please feel free to browse the site at your leisure. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch via the Contact page.

Below are the key moments throughout Andy's DJing Career that have shaped the path that he now follows!

  • November 1998 Andy buys and starts to mix his first records!
  • June 1999 First DJ set at PassionPre-Bar @ The Engine, Coalville which led to Monthly residency.
  • December 1999 First actual Club set at Forbidden @ Club City, Leicester which led to a bi-weekly residency.
  • September 2001 First Major club set at Hotdog @ Time in Derby alongside Lisa Lashes & Brandon Block. Led to monthly residency for Hotdog in January 2002.
  • June 2002 Became Monthly resident for Sensoria @ Bar Central, Milton Keynes.
  • August 2002 First set @ The Emporium for Passion v Hotdog as a Hotdog ressie!
  • October 2002 Debut set in Main Room @ The Emporium for Passion following Matt Hardwick cancellation!
  • April 2003 Became Monthly resident DJ for Passion @ The Emporium, Coalville.
  • July 2003 Start Monthly residency on www.tranceairwaves.com
  • July 2003 Andy comes 3rd place in Radio 1 “Best UK Club Resident DJ” as voted by listeners.
  • August 2003 Begin producing with Genix and ‘Oracle’ guise is born with debut track ‘The One’ which later got signed and released on ‘Equilibrium Records’.
  • September 2003 Andy launches record label ‘Trance Revolution Recordings’ with Genix.
  • October 2003 Judge Jules states Andy as “Best Undiscovered DJ of 2003” in DJ Mag Top 100 Poll.
  • March 2004 Debut set for Goodgreef @ Philips Park Hall, Manchester.
  • April 2004 Debut set for Serious @ The Cross, London.
  • October 2004 Become full-time Promoter & Resident DJ @ The Emporium for Passion.
  • February 2005 DJing alongside Tiësto @ Passions 10th Birthday to a sell-out crowd!
  • February 2006 Passion's 11th Birthday is another roadblock event with a selection of the finest Producers amd DJ's in the world!
  • March 2006 Andy launches new record label 'Instant Music' as an outlet for his new production work: www.instant-music.co.uk
  • April 2006 International Work starts to come in as Andy DJ's in China & Nepal to packed out venues!